Get you a shirtin'!
The new WHO DAT colors are here!
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The lovely Mo Roberts shows off his new NOMC/NOMAF fleur-de-mosaic! Black 100% cotton pre-shrunk and pre-crunked tees, with enough white and shiny gold to remind you the WHO DAT NATION is still celebrating a certain recent Super Bowl victory. (We would have partied if we'd lost, too, but the parade would have only been a pawtry 900,000 people instead of a million.)

Yet another stunning design from our long time, steadfast volunteer Rick Roth of Mirror Image, these shirts are now in boxes in my living room. Help me clear some space!

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Nice, huh? What have I got for sizes? Mens' S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 6XL, women's LA Tees that say Medium but are really more like Small.

How to get one...or more!

I'm now the official Designated Merch Guy. Far as I know, every last t-shirt that was in the NOMC office has been shipped to me. I've got the remaining stock of last year's "Roscoe, Keep it on the One" shirts (dedicated to Herman Ernest, Dr. John's drummer) and two dozen of the 10th Anniversary Saxophone shirts (in white XXL only.) There are a few other miscellaneous designs in various colors and sizes, so don't be afraid to ask! (See below for some illustrations.)

I was hoping for a real merch page that could handle plastic, but that proved to be cost-prohibitive. The Clinic's been operating the last three years on a federal grant that expires very soon, so "discretionary" expenses have been lopped off in favor of providing critical health care to our musicians.

The good news is I can funnel payments through my Paypal account directly to the Clinic. So, you have that option. Or checks made out to NOMAF. Or even cash! The Paypal account is: jef (at) jaisunphoto (dot) com. (Spelled that way here to avoid spambots, but you know what I mean.) You can also e-mail me directly at that address. Put "NOMC Tee" in the subject line, so the spam filters don't accidentally nab you. I'll do my best to hook you up!

Whadda they cost?

How about $20 + shipping? Heck of a deal, Brownie! Er, I mean...

Buy 10 or more and I'll not only knock off 10%, but if they all go to the same address the shipping will be way less. Enough to afford another shirt! Write me 'bout dat. Just as a reminder: 100% of the proceeds of shirt sales goes to NOMC/NOMAF. I do NOT take a slice of any of it. Also, both orgs are 501c3 non-profits, so any donation you make, via t-shirt purchase or otherwise, is tax-deductible.

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photo by Barbara Travers

Jef Jaisun, Northwest rep for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic
and New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation,
clad in his "Roscoe" shirt, demonstrates his
fund-raising prowess at Dr. John's Jazz Alley gig in Seattle.

In six nights of flogging t-shirts, posters and art cards,
Jaisun raised over $7300 for the Clinic and Foundation. The
even better news is that the money raised at Jazz Alley
put the Clinic over the top for a $50,000 matching grant!

Unfortunately, all the purple shirts are gone. They blew outta here like, um, a hurricane. But there a few of the Ash ones left, 100% preshrunk cotton (Hanes and Port & Co, top o' the line stuff, not cheapies).

Here are some of our past t-shirt designs

NOMC 10th Anniversary Sax
SAXshirt_NOMC.jpg - 142494 Bytes

Dr. John "Dr.'s Orders" October 2009 benefit
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2007 "Goth" shirt
NOMCt-2007black-front.jpg - 114333 Bytes

NOMCt-2007black-back.jpg - 85950 Bytes

Original post-Katrina design, printed in various colors on various colors. (Thanks to Hanes for donating those 5000 shirts!)
NOMCt-BentNotBroken-black.jpg - 41983 Bytes

"Since 1998"
NOMCt-Since1998white.jpg - 67395 Bytes

NOMCt-Since1998black.jpg - 112086 Bytes

NOMC Makes a Difference on NBC Nightly News

Yeah, you right! Last year's major acknowledgement from the network boyz on the 4th Anniversary of Katrina. (15-30 secs of intro ads.) The 5th anniversary stuff is even more widespread. Nice to know people remember and still care, though we'll see what BP recalls in five years.

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Don't forget to check out the NOMC and NOMAF web sites!

Also, please visit my photo web site at There'll you'll find a smattering of my 35+ years of music photography, featuring many of your favorite artists. If you don't see who you're looking for, drop me a line. I donate a percentage of every sale made from this link to the NOMC/NOMAF, so be sure and mention it!


Jef Jaisun
Seattle Fund Chair
New Orleans Musicians Clinic
New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation
Krewe dewe Jefe
jef (at) jaisunphoto (dot) com
504 415-3514 NOMC Office